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Payment Methods

1.  Paypal

                            Paypal payee email :    payment@simpleweboffice.com

(Please click the paypal icon on invoice email to pay online.  No paypal account is needed for online payment.)

2. By Check Payee “Simple Web Office”
Check Bank-In Account : (Hangseng Bank) 228-570610-001 (Simple Web Office)
Please email your bank-in receipt to info@simple-diy-website.com

3.  Bank-in / ATM  Account

                          Hangseng Bank :                 228-570610-001  (Simple Web Office)
                          Bank of China Hong Kong :  012-742-0-006559-5

Change Contact Details

Please download and complete Change Contact Details Form. Please endorse with signature with company chop. Please email the completed form to info@simple-diy-website.com

Whatsapp : 6828 6019

Email : info@simple-diy-website.com